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    About Us

    SHANGHAI SYNFARM is located in Zhangjiang Drug Valley, the business includes new drug development and process research, import and export of API, Reference Listed Drugs, EU registration consultation, Flow-Chemistry technology research and application. SynFarm is also one of the world leading suppliers of the new generation of green solvent Cyclopentyl Methyl Ether (CPME). SICHUAN SYNFARM (as a GMP plant is under construction), can deal with the multi-scale production of the global CRO, CDMO business.
    New drug development: Drug design and synthesis; Drug registration and CRO business.
    Process research: Drug synthesis and formulation process research and optimization, HAZOP analysis and process safety assessment.
    Flow-Chemistry technology research and application: Flow-Chemistry microreactor system Building & process research; technology package service & product development.
    EU registration consultation: An experienced European team with professional background in pharmacy and business, providing advanced consulting and business outsourcing services such as product registration, legal support, accurate marketing, import and export of APIs and formulations, and discovery and recommendation of drugs license transactions, and promoting the market development and strategic cooperation between Chinese and European pharmaceutical companies.
    Products: API and intermediates, formulation and intermediates, Reference Listed Drugs, fluoride compounds, new green organic solvent: Cyclopentyl Methyl Ether (CPME).

    Shanghai SynFarm Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. Address: Rm 803, West Tower, No.88 Shangke Rd., Zhangjiang High Tech Park, Pudong New Area, Shanghai, China
    Tel: +86-21-50793966???? Mobile:+86-18917198199?? Fax: +86-21-50793967??? E-mail: info@synfarm.com??All rights reserved. 2013 Design by hxchem
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